The Partners

The three partners are the City of Metter, Georgia Grown, and Georgia Southern University. Each partner utilizes their individual strengths to provide a wide array of resources for the small agribusiness owners. 

City of metter

Department of Economic Development 

    The City of Metter embraces its agriculturally based economy and has integrated the concept into an economic development strategy and vision. Located on Interstate 16, less than an hour from the Savannah area, the City has become a destination for travelers and new businesses who are fans and soon to be fans of the Georgia Grown and Metter Made products and businesses.

    With the city’s inviting and beautiful downtown, located just one mile from the Interstate, with shopping, restaurants, ice cream shop, yoga studio, gym, business incubator and so much more…you can see why Metter is the place to come and grow your business.

Georgia Southern University

Business Innovation Group

The Business Innovation Group (BIG) is the business outreach arm for the University committed to developing a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for the southeast region. BIG provides resources for students and entrepreneurs to gain skills and training necessary to understand business principles, experience how businesses operate and successfully launch new enterprises.

Georgia Grown

Center of Innovation for Agribusiness

Georgia Grown is the Economic Development arm for the Georgia Department of Agriculture. They provide technical industry expertise, collaborative research and partnerships to help the industry connect, compete, and grow globally.